About Us

Texas Purple Sage Services, L.L.C.’s mission is to be the best partner for our investors, customers, suppliers and employees.  We will strive for profitable growth, operational excellence, customer satisfaction and strong industry positioning in the Eagle Ford Shale.  The company’s management is highly experienced and qualified.  The three Senior Managing Members have combined over 60 years of experience in the oil and gas, construction, services industry and legal field.   The Senior Managing (SM) and Junior Managing Members (JMM) will be responsible for all daily operations including sale of company, distribution of funds and maintain a fiduciary duty to our Investor/Members.  The Manager Members will use their experience in bidding, scheduling and use of various materials to provide numerous goods and services to the exploding Eagle Ford Shale exploration and production in South Texas.

Keys to our success include the following:

  • Using cost effective and new equipment to assure quality construction projects requiring minimal down time
  • Establishing our leadership and integrity to maintain a consistent product
  • Being knowledgeable about our products and services to assure quality and efficiency
  • Overseeing all aspects of the services to provide exemplary customer service
  • Continuously building on our business platform to sustain present and future growth
  • Diversification of our business model to endure the industry demand and constantly advancing market.